Good food isn't just about good cooking.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where does my food come from?" "How does it get to me?"
"How can I be sure that no one has tampered with it on its way to me?"
When you have the responsibility of preparing healthy, nutritious meals for your family, you
expect the company you buy from to shoulder an equal
responsibility for your family's health and security.


We source grains from the fields that have been growing these grains for generations.
We support the farmers that till these fields by purchasing from local mandis in the heartland of India.
This ensures that we only use the freshest, richest natural produce for Devaaya.


Every batch is painstakingly tested for over 500+ impurities. We believe food for your family should be wholesome,
tasty and pure every time.


The grains are thoroughly cleaned, separated, de-husked, sized, polished, colour-sorted and graded before
finding their way to state-of-the-art silos for storage. These storage units control temperature, moisture-content
in the air and a host of other parameters scientifically to keep our produce fresh longer.
Nothing is added to the produce during this phase.


Our innovative packaging keeps the nutrients in and the contaminants out, making Devaaya pure and safe.
If the seal on any Devaaya pack is broken, we advise that you do not purchase it from that vendor.


Our responsibility doesn't end when Devaaya leaves our packaging centre. Our trucks are hygienically sterilized
to make sure nothing untoward happens to Devaaya on its way to your local retail store.